Guide From New Entry To Report?

Step 1: Open The Website
HMS: Click The Login Button
HMS PRO: Open Your Domain & Click The Login Button

Step 2: login with branch credential email & password

Step 3 New entry system (POS)Open POS Page or simply press (F5) key from the keyboard

HMS will ask you to open reception with your opening cash + staff ID attached to the currently logged in reception, things to remember related to our reception POS You cannot open a branch reception without opening cash and staff id or with negative opening cash the opening cash must be positive at least 1 PKR the opening cash is money that you kept in your drawer when you start your shift and when you close the shift you will able to print your shift cash summary/flow
Once you open reception it will consider as shift #1 until you close it manually or automatically close at 12 am after close or to close you should open your reception again with opening cash & staff id
You can open 2nd reception by the close of the previous shift
You can add sale, deposit, (collection only available on head office brach) expense, new patient or select, new reference or select, new consultant or select right from your POS, finally select your tests to fill up cash form and hit GO button you will able to see a confirmation prompt with cash summary and change press ok after page reload you will able to see invoice# in green highlighter 

Step 4: Smart Operation (F2): open automatically and all entry-related fields are filled up to allow you to do quick operations.
All done you can do all activities related to invoice see image below example what you can do with invoice now
Simply press your desired activity button, close this popup and keep doing entries later you can view all entries on, all lab report pages from the side menu bar

Step 4.1.1 - (Filter) Invoice: Enjoy a single-page invoice management system with all power tools handy in 1 place.

Step 4.1.2 - (View) Invoice : 

Step 4.2.1 - (Filter) Lab Report :

Step 4.2.2 - (Edit) Lab Report :

Step 4.2.2 - (View) Multiple Reports :

Step - (View) Lab Report :

Step - (View) Special PCR Covid Lab Report :

Step - (View) Fit To Flight Certificate :

Step 4.2.3 - (Lab Copy) Lab Report :

Step 4.3.1 - (EMR) Patient Medical Record :

Step 4.3.2 - (EFH) Patient Financial History :

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