V 2.0 - (In Progress)

--------- Big Update -----------
23- Offline / Online: You will be able to use the software offline once you get the internet back pressing a sync button will do the magic!

V - Big Data Ahead - 01-Nov-2022

---------New Features-----------
1- Each Item Phlebotomy: Now you can perform phlebotomy activity on each item separately we're moving toward big data implementations in future updates you're able to print phlebotomy compiled report including each and every activity performed on each item with turnaround time & how many time(s) a phlebotomy item updated & when so you can ask your staff why they updated often @ HMS we always try to step ahead of thinking in every update
1.1 - Each Item result entry
1.2 - Only result entry items appear here to approve
1.3 - Only approved items are shown here for printing
* you can perform single or multi-select operations with one click GO button after selection
This option is available on 1st Oct, so ask us to activate it by default it's not activated
1- Payment Procedure: we have added a new option called " Perform Place " by default it's set to "On Our Lab" but you can select " Other Lab " in case other lab selections the item will be considered as an outsourcing item, for example, you want to generate this item invoice but you wish to perform this test from other lab so this option will not add this item in LAB entry means you cannot print this report from your lab but you can charge patient here and get give your patient another lab report
2- Skip Due For Reference / Consultant: Now you can choose to skip the due display on any selected reference for example the selected ref/consultant while doing patient entry/invoice the patient or reference will still be able to see the report after approval even the patient has due pending to be clear
3- Lab Copy / Worksheet: Added values delete button to remove item/test parameters from print.
4- Laborotist: Now you can choose what kind of data a laborist can view to perform activities on each case for example you can choose a single routine / special or both or premium (covid)
5- Financial Summary: Added total patients, new patients, or returning patients count

V - 1.x.Aug.4 Special Independence Day Big Update

1- Reduced More Clicks and taken HMS usage to next level with new compact design patterns 
---------New Features-----------
1- New 47 Test Added: XRAY, Ultrasound, Color Doppler test added and ready to use, each department report will print in special covid PCR report style with the same department added doctors.
2- New Reception Controls: You can now control what data you want to display at each reception.
3- POS: As per selection of data display and make it easy to do quick entry operations.
4- Rate List: Now shows as per data selection, plus data filters added for you to choose what to print or show.
5- Invoice + Lab Copy Redefined: 
 5.1- New Compact Invoice Design: Now save more pages & space with a compact invoice 
 5.2- Split / Combined Invoice: Introducing current (Invoice + Lab Copy combined) plus 
  split invoices can be activated (Invoice / Lab Copy) each on a separate page and print 
  both in 1 click.

V - 01-Aug-2022

---------New Features-----------
1- Auto SMS Option: Ask to activate auto SMS functionality is available from now
2- You can now add your SMS API gateway in your center, to save SMS costs or simply take our special SMS service based On USA SERVER.
1- New Doctor Prescription: Added more blocks (vitals) and major layout changes
2- Added more settings in branch management
3- Multi Rate list system: Collection Centers can manage create and maintain their own rate lists to use for their own references just like head office so it's helpful for them to bill their own references and ease to pay to head office based on accounts.

V - 07-Jun-2022

1- F2: Improved & redesigned F2 smart action popup to give you the best experience plus more options added to perform a more accurate action search
2- Statement: New and easy to read financial summary make your financial statement reading even easier
3- : Add separate center / doctor / reference bill pages as per your custom rate list selection
4- Pharmacy: Added expiry, expired, out-of-stock medicines widgets and filters to narrow down your search in 1 click
---------New Features-----------
1- POS: Now you can add reference & doctor payments right from head office POS to add into the ledger

V - 12-Feb-2022

1- Built in image processing : no need to resize or crop image on separate website hms now allow you to crop, resize, upload images in just 2 clicks

V 1.9.8 - 10-Feb-2022

1- 10x faster data loading speed
2- Added Patient Pic Turn On / Off Buttons in payment & lab
3- Added Patient International Detail Display Turn On / Off Buttons in payment & lab help you control what to show on specific invoice or report
4- Auto Title Display: Mr, Mrs, Miss can be displayed automatically by enabling this feature and selecting marital status along with gender
---------New Features-----------
1- Multiple Rate List implementations
2- New Center / Reference Bills Summary / Audit Trail
3- New Reference Login With Accounts Reports (auto email & password creation, edit & save old references to generate email & password)
4- New F2 Reference Search Option added filter reference data for faster operations
5- Bulk Activity Data Export: You can Now export activity data 
e.g: covid test as excel sheet for import in covid support portal or any other purpose
---------Bugs Fixes-----------
To speed up the data loading time all action buttons moved to "Filter" use filter button to use action buttons for invoice / lab

V 1.9.7 - 07-Jan-2022

--------- New Year Edition -----------
Say hello to the next level of automation introducing the very first time (HMS ROBOTICS) with even fewer clicks this new year edition comes with no more manual entry in F2, just clicking on invoice# / case# or prescription#, and boom! the F2 menu opens automatically with auto-fill ... 
The New Year HMS Is finally Work As Robotics
1- More Automation
2- Improved Speed
3- Reduced clicks
4- Reduced Human errors
5- More Accuracy

V 1.9.6 - 01-Jan-2022

---------New Module (Paid)-----------
1- Activity Logging: Now HMS PRO maintains the activity log to track who did what & when e.g: 
For Invoice, Prescription, Lab, Medicine, Patient.
* Finally you can print a compiled activity report filter by (Life Time or selected date data)
---------New Features-----------
1- HMS PRO Website:
1.1- Added 3 new (Rate) lists to filter by types, special, Profile(s), special routine, routine tests(s).
1- Invoice Data Improvement:
1.1- Added Specimen Taken Time
1.2- Added Patient Image Display on Invoice (if added in patient profile)
2- Lab Management: Now entry access receptions can do all phlebotomy activities just like admin can do
3- HMS PRO: Created whatsapp button to contact right from website

V -15-Dec-2021

1- Special PCR reports: If there's only 1 special PCR test then a direct report is open on online tracking otherwise tracking page will be shown for multiple test(s).
2- Added more color branding for HMS PRO users to get a customized experience with their own brand color + white.
---------Bugs Fixes-----------
1- POS new patient dropdown selection reset now fixed.
1- New Payment closing: Under-report management you can find 2 payment closing options 
1.1: Payment Closing Summary (only financial details)
1.2: Payment Closing Report (patient + items + financial details)

V 1.9.5 - 30-Nov-2021

---------Improved Performance-----------
1- New POS Patient Select Dropdown:
1.1- Old patient select dropdown replaced with a new one no more waiting to select the patient.
1.2- Added notification if forget to select dropdown in POS while adding received amounts.
---------Click Reduction-----------
1- For Special PCR test centers (Covid, Antibodies ... etc):
1.1- Reduced too many clicks & multiple entries: Now special tests can be added into 1 entry no need to create a single entry for antibodies or the covid receptionist can add all routine or special tests in a single invoice for each patient and software will separate routine and special tests itself.
---------New Features-----------
1- New Tracking Report Page: New online tracking page due to routine and each special separate test implementation now you will see a new online report tracking/download page and select your desired test report on click of a button, old QR codes & links will work with this update as well
1.1- View Routine Test: All routine tests shown after clicking on this button
1.2- View Special Test: All special test(s), for example, covid, antibodies, anti spikes, etc... will appear as a separate button with each test name so clicking each button will separate each special test for a separate share or download.

V 1.9.4 - 5-Nov-2021

Experience the fastest entry system of the time where doing new entry is faster and another is fastest.
---------Click Reduction-----------
POS New Entry Speed Optimization Reduced 3 more clicks:
1.1- Save Selections: POS now save your previous selection to speed up your entry process.
1.2- Upon invoice creation now (F2) menu pull up automatically and fill up invoice# automatically 2 more click(s) reduced ... enjoy
1.3- Separate add new patient/reference buttons, no need to wait to select add new from dropdown check add new checkbox once and done even after refresh add new options remain in the open state 1 more click(s) reduced ... enjoy
---------New Features-----------
1- Three New Types Of On-Demand Auto Discount(s) Options:
Admin can allow can add discounts to a specific patient, reference by himself, or can allow any receptionist for a short or long time from branch management. once admin grants discount access to any receptionist the receptionist can apply a discount based on patient/reference discount even zero collection invoice can be created if the patient/reference is allowed to get a 100% discount, the receptionist can turn on & off discount anytime and his selection remain even page refresh
* you can keep only 1 kind of discount checkbox active on the screen
1.1- Patient Discount: If the selected patient has a discount and discount checkbox selected the discount is applied automatically on the current invoice.
1.2- Reference Discount: If the selected reference has a discount and discount checkbox 
selected the discount is applied automatically on the current invoice.
1.3- Price Reduction: If you want to apply discount directly to price to keep the original price on the list but replace on invoice based on reference selection who has discount then you need to use this option.

V 1.9.3 - 9-Oct-2021 (Pre Launched) (Was Planned - 15-Oct-2021) 

---------Design Improvement-----------
1- UX, UI on desktop and mobile both improved
2- F2: Patient Management
Now you can Search By Mr# / Name / Nic / Phone / Passport / Ticket
3- Separate payment closing link added for admins
---------Entry Speed Optimization-----------
Save 75% time daily with the latest speed optimizations as under:
1- New Entry POS: No more page reload to wait to do next entry in POS.
2- Quick Send Buttons: Send tracking link to patient/reference directly from the report page.
3- Scan to share QR: Scan QR to share tracking link to patient/reference number directly.
4- Scan to share QR Link: with the name at last.
---------Automation Click Reduction-----------
Save 50% time plus effort plus 5 clicks reduced:
No need to download reports manually " Print as pdf " to download and send to patients or reference via WhatsApp SMS / Track Online QR Code scan, we implemented new automation sharing an online report online tracking report link when somebody clicks on a link they can download report automatically.
* Automations are not features So, they're paid to be activated.
---------Security Improvement-----------
1- Added 99% latest browser support SSL
2- Add an extra layer to overall software security.

V 1.9.2 - 26-Sep-2021

---------New Features-----------
1- New Report Design: 2 New reports design added now total report designs become 3
---------Security Improvement-----------
1- Upgraded server for more security and speed improvement

V 1.9.1 - 26-Aug-2021

---------New Features-----------
25- Go Green: This feature will save you more printer ink or papers by merging small profiles and test on the same page back to back however big profile(s) print on separate pages
26- Branch / Collection Center Address Customization: Now we can show a single address of your choice on your selected center either Head office or Collection center by default 2 addresses shown in collection center reports/invoices
Overall software Improvement:
1- Covid Entry: New entry speeded up 75% specially for covid entries and 2 covid reports designs were added into the system
2- Autofill: Added auto-fill & auto-add function to airport, airline & destinations
---------Security Improvement-----------
1- Encrypted QR Code: Add additional security layer to QR code scan, now you can scan QR code in an encrypted format, so no more guess to manually input into URL bar

V 1.9 - 07-Jul-2021

---------Big Update-----------
New Features HMS is Now Customizable by client: Customize lab test report or invoice
23.1- Added New QR Code Position (Standard + Covid): added new QR code placement position 
23.2- Added Report Style: you can choose from classic to (highlighted) most important information stand out on report
23.3- Added New Report Design: We have added modern lines graphic design into the lab test report, this update will work on the newly created test after 7 July 2021
23.3- Add Footer Image (Covid): Stamps with signature can be added now
24- Panel Test Feature: Separate panel test report design added now medical centers can use our software for international patients
---------Overall Improvement-----------
1- Smart Settings: New option has been added
1.1- Header position switching 
1.1.1- Top QR = Default style with half logo & half QR code
1.1.2- Side QR = Full logo with approved by stamps and QR at the bottom right side
1.2- Theme Switch: Now you can choose between classic or newly added themes called modern
1.3- Footer Image: Now you can show or hide the footer image
Security Improvement:
1- Encrypted QR Code: Add additional security layer to QR code scan, now you can scan QR code in an encrypted format, so no more guess to manually input into URL bar
V 1.8 - 15-June-2021
---------New Features-----------
22.1- Go Global: Added global search option on HMS home to convert it into 1 central tracking platform for all connected centers init so, people around the world can track report status through just like they do on hms pro
22.2- Online Verifer: Upon verify online QR code scan verifier can see result status with patient details plus vaccination status

V 1.7 - 1-June-2021

Restructured progress flow by adding more automatization
---------New Features-----------
1- Panel Test: Added panel test support with covid-19 template
2- Added search patient by name in F2 popup
1- Added patient & reference discount display option on POS so the receptionist can apply a discount based on the allowed discount

V 1.6 - 15-May-2021

Restructured progress flow by adding more automatization
---------New Features-----------
21- Hold payment on Pos: now you can hold payment of any patient by pressing ALT+H in popup enter identity to remember data when retrieve to retrieve data simply press ALT+R, all hold payment stays in the system until you manually delete, create a sale, or close cash register, you can retrieve and keep editing and save hold data multiple time until you finish.
11.12- Edit Payment: Now you can edit payment anytime and this will create a new invoice and remove all previous data, including payments, activities.

V 1.5 - 15-Apr-2021

Overall software & Security Improvement
20 - Cash Register: Open and close case register to keep track of all receptions cash flow,We allow you to work on shift and maintain each and every shift data by whom activity cash log for opening and closing reception including activities: due, collection, patient deposits, sales, expense where auto-closing balance and calculation takes our hms in the medical industry to the next level

V 1.4 - 07-Apr-2021

Overall software & Security Improvement
Restructured progress flow by adding more automatization
1- Smart QR Codes: 
Invoice (HMS PRO Only): 
Scanning a QR code from an invoice allows you to track reports online automatically without input
Pathology Report: 
Scanning a QR code from report pull (F2) smart popup and auto insert records in it. It's similar to barcode scanning but we have removed manual clicks further and added more power with QR code
Pharmacy Bill: 
Scanning a QR code from pharmacy bill pull (F2) smart popup and auto insert records in it. It's similar to barcode scanning but we have removed manual clicks further and added more power with QR code
11.11-Day To Day Work Sheet: All data arranged and merged under 1 box case#, now this become more practical and easy to understand, you can still show and hide important information from print and view as per your requirements  

V 1.3 - 01-Apr-2021

Overall software & Security Improvement
11.11-Day To Day Work Sheet: Now you can print out the worksheet as per date selection, powered by 4 types of filters 
1= Filter by Department
2= Filter by Case#
3= Filter by Mr#
4= Filter by CPT Code
Show / Hide CPT: You can show/hide CPT Code Data From the Entire Work Sheet If Not Required
11.12-Add Note On Any Phlebotomy Activity: Now you can add a note on any phlebotomy activity separately for each case for internal note or auditing.
11.13-Graph added in the lab test report auto-generate with 1 click button.
18.3- Data Table Column visibility: added column for printing now you can select a specific column for view and print both purposes
18.4- Data Table Column Positioning: Now you can click on a column header and drag it anywhere you want to reposition it for view and print both purposes live
18.5- Data Table Fixed Header On Scroll: Now data table header keeps on top while you scroll down this will improve visibility and help you recognize columns efficiently.
19- Smart F2 Popup: Enjoy a new way to save your time and efforts by search record using filters we have created a shortcut menu where you can do activates directly by entering 
Invoice # = View Invoice
Mr # = Edit Patient | Patient History | Payment History
Case # = Lab Copy / Work Sheet | Edit Lab Test Report | View Report
Prescription # = View Prescription

POS: Added cash collection option that will show change amount
Invoice: Redesign and added more data to the invoice

V 1.2 - 15-Feb-2021

Overall software & Security Improvement
1- Keyboard Navigation: Remap and added new keys
11.5-Smart Report History System: Now you can add history in-group/profiles
Restructured Blood Bank Management System
12.1- Donor: admin or laboratorist can build donors database with last donation date
12.2- Donors Predictions: Our donor predictor system will show you all donors possible blood bags whois last donation crossed 90 days filter by location & blood groups
12.3- Blood Bank: Blood bank admin can maintain a record of total blood bags available 
18- Data Tables
18.1 - Date Range Selection: Now you can filter results as per your wish by date selection
18.2 - Date Search / Shorting For Each Column: Now you can search in a specific column or can do a multiple column search criteria

V 1.1 - 01-Feb-2021

Overall software & Security Improvement
3- Inventory System: Admin can add/assign any item quantity to any payment code, So whatever attached inventory invoice created the attached inventory quantity deduct from inventory store
11.5-Smart Report History System: Now you can add history single tests

V 1.0 - 01-Jan-2021 (Launched)

1- Keyboard Navigation: Navigate through keyboard shortcut keys to do operations faster
2- Payment Procedure System: Our numeric code enabled the invoicing system to allow you to sell any service, for example, lab test report or prescription reports created instantly upon invoice creation
3- Inventory System: (Planned) Admin can add/assign any item quantity to any payment code, So whatever attached inventory invoice created the attached inventory quantity deduct from inventory store
4- Multi-Branch System: Any number of branches or collection centers can be added, and admin able to assign limits to their branches, for example, admin can limit SMS / invoices, set min sale price or max discount in percentage, our software is build to maintain all branches records separately so admin & branches both be sure what is collectible and what is collected
5- Permission-Based On Medical Practice: We have structured permissions based on medical practice, they're pre-assigned, So you don't have to setup
6- Advance Filtering: Our advance data filters allow you to do quick & precise data selections, for example, you can pick date rather than typing from the calendar, short column data with a single click, search data from each column without a page refresh, pick date range to display data by date or directly click on today/yesterday or all button to do a quick selection
7- Single Page Management: Most routine activities can be performed on the same page, save a lot of time, and efforts day to day
8- Live Report Preview: Scanning QR code from an invoice can take you to real-time preview on the website without any input, or patient can manually input their MR# & Case# on the website to open their reports online, currently patients can view Lab Test Reports / Prescriptions
9- Appointment Management System: 
9.1- Doctor: Doctors can set up their own schedule and duration of appointment and weekends
9.2- Receptionist / Patients: Can book an appointment based on specific doctor availability
9.3- Direct Appointment Booking: Visitors can book their appointments right from the HMS PRO website
10- Prescription Management System: 
10.1- Doctor: Doctors can add symptoms or history and assign pre-added medicines by search on the live report no need to write manual prescription anymore
10.2- Receptionist: Can create prescription based on patient requirements
11- Pathology Management System:	
11.1-Phlebotomy: Adoptive single page phlebotomy preserve a log of all activities by whom and what time activity happened
11.2-Live Editor: Our live data entry editor gives you a feel of how exactly your report look like after print and you will able to see test normal values on the same page
11.3-Formulation: We have added the most commonly used test formulas that can be applied and calculated automatically by click on the button
11.4-Save Papers With Smart Merge: 
11.4.1- Same Department test merge into 1 header
11.4.2- Auto merge determine remaining page height and plot maximum tests on 1 page to save pages
11.4.3- Profiles print on a separate page and won't overwrite with tests
11.5-Smart Report History System: (Planned) you can add up to 2 previous and 1 current result on the same page, our smart history system allows you to pick any date from the database right from the last day up to years
Improvement in overall software
11.6-Live Data Entry Builder: You can save paragraphs into text area live and fetch to use pre-saved paragraphs by assigned codes, paragraphs widely used in PCR, C/S, H/P test, you can add medicines for C/S test and pick them in the report directly by searching medicine category or name or add an unlimited number of medicines with our medicine builder live
11.7- Improved Readability: We have simplified important detail like MR#, Case#, Center#, Dates with month name & day name, and a lot of improvements made, now important information is easy to find readable
11.8-Smart Paragraph Box: Smart paragraph box append on demand if the selected value from the dropdown, for example, select weak positive from decision dropdown 
11.9-Smart Report Saver: You can save the report in segments and edit them again anytime until you finish with all test results
11.10-Smart Approval System: Reports won't available to view or print until the patient clear his dues 100% or approved by a doctor
12- Pharmacy Management System:
12.1- For Hospital / Clinics: Build-in pharmacy ready to use for the main branch
12.1.1- Sale Management
12.1.2- Medicine Management
12.1.3- Expense Management
12.1.4- Medicine Stock Management
12.1.5- On-demand pharmacy report filter by date
12.2- For Pharmacy Only: Our standalone pharmacy management system comes with multi branches option
12.2.1- Multi-Branch System
12.2.2- Multiple Pharmaciast Accounts
12.2.3- Sale Management
12.2.4- Medicine Management
12.2.5- Expense Management
12.2.6- Medicine Stock Management
12.2.7- On-demand pharmacy report filter by date
13- Bed Management System: Reception / Nurses: Can assign/maintain bed allotment for quick availability check
14- Blood Bank Management System:	
15.1- Donor: Blood bank can maintain donor record to find out how many possible blood bags available on demand
15.2- Blood Bank: Blood bank admin can maintain a record of total blood bags available 
16- Reporting: On-demand Sales / Expense / Inventory Reporting filter by date selection
17- Alerts: On-demand 1 click Sms / Whatsapp Report Tracking alert

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