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Question: How hms will help me?
Answer: (HMS) Is Online + Cloud Software For Hospital / Clinic / Lab / Pharmacy: Including 20+ new features plus all old features of already running software in the market So, hms will save you lots of time, effort & money.
Question: Is the software offline or online?
Answer: Currently, HMS runs completely online, but we're working hard to make it work offline.
Question: What is the minimum requirement to run HMS?
Answer: You don't need to have high specs computer, you just need a normal window 7 installed computer with a google chrome browser and a normal 2 MB internet connection or even a mobile internet connection that can be used, hms save you a lot of overhead.
Question: Can you make feature changes for HMS?
Answer: We work on market feedback and prioritize development based on several factors like relevance, feasibility, urgency, the status of the current development pipeline if you have a special requirement we can do it for you at the lowest cost possible within the time frame we decide.
Question: What is the last date to clear the bill?
Answer: You need to clear your dues before 3 days of the contract date every month, the software will start to notify the admin screen with a count-down timmer for membership expiry, The late payment penalty charges may apply 10% of the due amount per day until payment clearance. If no payment is made until 30 days, we block new entry access or block your access to software until due clearance.
Question: I am not able to right-click inside HMS?
Answer: We blocked it for a number of security purposes, so you may not able to do right-click however you can do browser tab cloning like the example below.

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